Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Tourer

vehicle description

It give sme great pleasure to offer for sale one of the most iconic cars ever built, & a great reminder of the British car industry at it's best, the Rolls Royce Phantom 1. This particular car is graced with a touring body.


Firstly the history file is quite interesting, in particular it's original build. The Rolls Royce was ordered origionaly on 06/05/1925, order no 73940, by Windovers Ltd  of Streatham.  A copy of the original bill of sale is on file.  The price paid was £1,850 & the chassis as they where then sold was delivered on 25/09/1925.  Chassis Number was documented as 1HC engine number UJ55   It was supplied as a long wheelbase with springs for a gross weight including body of approx 12 1/2 cwt.  There is a phot copy on file to suggest the car was sold to a Mr T.Richards Esquire of Streatham Hill, who owned the vehicle until 1935 - 1936.

On file are copies of various job cards for the build of the chassis.  From shock absorbers, gearbox, exhaust, carbs, dash etc etc etc & test cards. All dated between the date of order to delivery, pretty much mapping the history of the cars build day by day.

Build History Files


Next we have a copy of the original buff log book.  The log book shows 4 owners with the new modern log book reporting 2 owners, we can guess at approximately 6-7 owners from new.  For anyone out there that does not know this, a modern log book will only declare the owners since the creation of DVLA in 1972.  Anyone buying a car with only a modern log book, can not claim that is the toatal owners if car dates prior.  So I beleive this is a genuine low owner car.

It is interesting that even in it's latter life the 2 owners have owned the vehicle since 1989 & the one before that pre-dates 1972.   Having driven this fantastic car, I can see why people would keep it for so long.

Log Book 


In 1982 the car was sold to a Mr William Riley of St Annes on Sea for £5,600, by AKEDS motor dealers, & the log book was registered in Mrs Dorothy Riley.  The car was beleived to be in a poor state at the time.

During the next year around £4,800 was spent on the car, possibly to make road worthy.  However in the next 2 years completing on 25th April 1985 the car was completely restored costing a further £39,094.  This is a lot of money in todays terms, however back in 1985 average house prices where £33,200 compared to todays £163,056 (Nationwide Building Society Survey), in other words around £200,000 restoration bill in todays money!

There is a letter on file confirming the mileage on 25th April 1985 was 30,942.

Many many invoices for parts & labour detail the extent of the restoration during that time.  However the important ones can be seen below.

More Docs

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