Hillman Avenger Tiger

vehicle description

HILLMAN AVENGER TIGER 1973 (Built 1972 for Historic Road Tax).

Quick Overview

  • Only 648 of these cars where ever built
  • Possibly only 70 left in exeistance worldwide
  • This is a genuine Mk2 Tiger with full heritage certificate

Engine & Gearbox

Recently had a fully re-built engine (less than 600 miles) by Mike Stuart performance engineering based on a genuine factory N.O.S. 1600 block with Skip Brown polished con-rods and +30 flat top pistons. MSM fast road cam, Aldon competition distributor, Factory competition 4036 head with st/ valves and bronze guides, original Rootes timing cover and thermostat housing, 13 row oil cooler, Fully re-built 70/71 Weber carbs with the correct original air filter on Skip Brown inlet manifold, competition ceramic coated exhaust manifold with new Ashley exhaust system.

From the period upgrades available at the time car has been fitted with a brand new 5 speed gearbox (less than 600 miles) on a Skip Brown conversion alloy bell housing with high ratio quick shift BGH gear kit (origional geabox available), competition steering rack, larger front brake callipers and vented disc's, Limited slip differential, original Armstrong heavy duty front struts and Armstrong adjustable rear shock absorbers, not forgetting the Springalex steering wheel (again original available) and Butler map reading light.


The car was the subject of a total restoration 2537 miles ago.  The car however retains all original body, chassis, inner wings (date stamped & intact) etc etc.  Having been an extreemly good original unmolested example to begin with, the car has got to be one of the best & original examples left, of the few that are out there.  There is a very large history file with of supporting documents, including a full photographic record of the restoration, which was a body of nut & bolt job.  Receipts for many thousands of pounds.  All kept in a large ring binder.  There are also original sales brochures, service literature etc etc.  The original chassis tag is also intact in very good order.

This is the ultra-rare and very desirable Avenger Tiger Mk2 in highly detailed show condition. 

Launched in March 1972 the Avenger Tiger was the performance edition of the Hillman Avenger, it was basically a publicity exercise to generate awareness of the works competition department where it was solely manufactured. The first batch of 100 cars were launched but such was the demand that a second batch of 100 cars were made.

With a top speed in excess of 110mph and 0-60 time of 8.9 seconds these cars enjoyed great success on the racing circuits wining the coveted RAC amongst others before production ceased in 1973 making surviving examples now highly sought after. Believed to be less than 30 original examples exist.

A very rare car, in truly stunning condition and with the price of RS2000's, Mexico's and Lotus Cortina's continually rising, the last few remaining examples of this much rarer car can only increase in value.

Recently MOT'ed, Serviced and new wheel bearings fitted.

This car is on Historical Road Tax (Free).

Milage shown as 2537, the speedometer was reset after the cars restoration.